The Best Air Buds for Every User

The Best Air Buds for Every User Do you still call your earphones, earbuds? Since the release of Apple’s AirPods, people have started calling earphones air buds. Have you gotten yourself one yet? What Are Air Buds Air Buds are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that may offer waterproof features, active noise cancellation features, and a wide frequency range.  Where is Started   Air Buds or these wireless Bluetooth earbuds started its trend when Apple released their very own AirPods. Although Apple was not the first who came up with the idea of wireless BT earbuds with a charging case, many associated...

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Best AirPod Alternatives of 2021

6 Best AirPod Alternatives of 2021 We cannot argue that Apple’s best innovation since the iPhone is the AirPods. It has dominated the market since its release. However, its market share has fallen to 29%, the lowest since its release which initially had 40% of the market share. Nonetheless, 29% is way ahead of its competitors - Xiaomi, at second place, with 10% market share, and Samsung, at third, with 5% market share. Still, this proves that the market has opened up to different AirPod alternatives. The AirPods and the AirPods Pro work best for iPhone users because of the...

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Six Best Budget Bluetooth Earbuds of 2021

6 Best Budget Bluetooth Earbuds of 2021 Not all cheap earbuds have poor sound quality. Believe it or not, we’ve scoured the internet to list down the best budget Bluetooth earbuds that you may use for your workouts and office calls. Of course, they would not have those high-quality active noise cancellations or the transparency mode that gets you back to life.  However, here are some of the best budget Bluetooth earbuds that will definitely amuse you with their features. You will love the waterproof feature or the voice assistant feature or even the audio lag prevention feature. You may...

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